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Momma Goose Amber Teething Bracelet, Cherry

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Momma Goose Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet, Cherry


Momma Goose Baltic Amber Teething Bracelets, made with beads of true Baltic Amber, are a natural form of pain relief for teething babies.

Amber is a fossilized tree resin and contains succinic acid, which when worn against the skin, provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

For a teething baby, this means pain relief and a reduction in the inflammation of the gums associated with teething.

Generally, wearing amber closest to the site of pain or inflammation provides the greatest benefit. For teething babies, that means the neck. However, the bracelets can be an excellent choice to be worn on the ankle for sleeping, or on the wrist if you do not like the look of the necklace.

Safety Features
  • Each bead is individually knotted on the string. This ensures that, if the baby were to break the bracelet, they would be able to free only one bead.
  • The beads are made smaller than the size of a pea, such that they could be safely swallowed should one come free.
  • The clasp at the back is also held together by knots, which ensures that if there is enough pressure placed on the bracelet, the clasp would break open.

    • Safety Note

      You should remove the bracelet whenever the child is unsupervised, including naps and bedtime. If you want to maximize the benefit of the amber, it can be worn around the baby's ankle for sleep time, provided it is covered by a sleeper or sock and inaccessible to the baby.

      Care of Amber
      • Keep it free of lotions, polishes, waxes and other residues that might coat the surface and act as a barrier between the skin tha the healing succinic acid in the amber.
      • Amber can be worn in the bath, but should be removed for the pool as the chemicals can break it down.
      • Use warm water only to wash, not soap.

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