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Milkies Reusable Milk Freezer Trays 2-pk

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Milkies Reusable Milk Freezer Trays 2-pk

Milk Trays are breast milk freezer trays that are an easier, safer, and more economical choice to freeze breast milk.

Milk Trays are not ice cube trays with lids. They are a better way to freeze breastmilk.

Why are Milk Trays better than breastmilk freezer bags?
  • Freezer trays are reusable, making them more economical
  • You thaw only the number of sticks that you need for feeding, so there's no waste
  • The nutrient-rich fatty part of the milk freezes with the stick. When you thaw milk frozen in bags, the fatty part of the milk sticks to the inside of the bag.

Features and Benefits
  • Exact measurement of 1 oz. milk sticks, making it easy to thaw only the amount you need
  • Plastic designed to retain beneficial nutrients in the milk
  • Unlike regular ice cubes, the frozen 1 oz. sticks will fit through ALL bottle openings (4 oz., 9 oz., narrow, wide, or bent-neck bottle)
  • Reusable, for breast milk or for freezing baby food after baby begins to eat solids
  • Comes with a lid to allow for stacking
  • BPA, phthalate, and dye-free

  • Milk Trays with 16 1-oz. cavities x2
  • Lids x2

Instructions for Freezing and Storage
  • Pump into the bottles that come with the breastpump
  • Pour milk into tray cavities to the fill line (each cavity equals one ounce)
  • Put the lid on and carefully place in freezer until frozen
  • Transfer frozen milk sticks into a freezer-safe zip-lock bag
  • Wash trays in warm, soapy water and reuse

Instructions for Thawing
  • Wash hands
  • Using oldest bag of frozen milk first, take out exactly the number of 1 ounce milk sticks you need and place in bottle
  • Thaw by placing bottle in bowl of warm water, bottle warmer, refrigerator, or leaving on counter

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